We are starting to see hope for our cucumbers! We replanted awhile ago and they are looking great now! Our original crop got fried in the heat when the weather changed abruptly, and we are a family who loves our cucumber slices. :) So the above pic is one of the patches.

Cantaloupe is also going crazy!

Some lovely cucumber blossoms.

Sadly, our pumpkins were infected, once again with SVB's. Gotta come up with a new plan for them next year. Someone on another blog commented that they planted some in raised beds along with their fall/winter squash and seem to be successful. Karl, was that you? :) Hope it's still going well!

We are trying to get ready for our fall garden. We have all the seeds we need, now just have to get them in the ground! I think we are going to attempt to grow our tomatoes hydroponically too. I ordered a ton of heirloom seeds, so would hate to see those lost to the dreaded blight! We are learning fast, but sure are enjoying it!

Our chickens are doing great! No eggs yet, but I think it's just been too hot for them. The new ones are adapting. We had to separate a couple of them, the Leghorn and the Faverolle, because they were getting too beat up but they seem to be fine. The Leghorn got out for several days and explored the neighbor's yard, but I was able to finally catch her and get her back with the flock. Once she is less skittish, we'll allow her to free range once again..;) We found a home for the last rooster too, so are down to 2 roos and 8 gals. :) Can't wait for the eggs!!!!

This is Brownie, our kingpin roo.

A group shot.

Oh! And we are getting our goat next month! We decided on a Nigerian Dwarf, and will be purchasing a pregnant doe and keeping the babies. :) We are so excited! Need to get to work on the goat pen now! :) Hope you all are having a wonderful summer so far!