Simple Sewing

I am so excited to have received this book, "Simple Sewing with Lola Nova"  By Alexandra Smith.  If you haven't seen her blog, please visit it, Lola Nova.  I love her ideas and have been following her for years.  So I am kind of late to the party with her book!  It was published in 2012...yeah....very late!  But better late than never!  She has so many beautiful designs and I am sure I will make my way through each one at some point in time.

For my handmade holiday gift to my little grandson, Emmet, I will be making this Wee Bunny.  I love how sweet his little face is.


I really believe in simpler toys for babies, it sparks their imagination if everything isn't done for them!  And in a world of bells and whistles and tablets and smart phones, something like this is a breath of fresh air.  Whatever happened to the days of pots and pans as toys?  Now toys do it all for you.  My kids learned to read by opening a book, not pressing a button....but I digress on my original intent for this post.  I will save the soap box for a later date.  Right now it's about this book!

So many beautiful things to make....Thanks Alexandra for the gift of your talent!

What are your handmade holiday plans?