Knitting Club!

A couple months ago, a friend of mine and I were chatting about me coming over and teaching her children how to knit.  We had been talking about it for awhile and could never make the timing work.  She homeschools and has a lot of friends who homeschool, but there wasn't any knitting classes that she could find.  Lots of educational things and fun ones at that!  So, out of that convo the birth of the Lake Travis Kids Knitting Club came to pass.  We started with just my Xiola and my friends little girl.  I was surprised when another showed up that day who knew Valentina (my friend) and was also a homeschooling mom.  Luck would have it that Xiola knew her too from gymnastics!  Well, this little thing wasn't sure if she really wanted to knit at all, mom had obviously dragged her to the library that Thursday morning.  But as the hour wore on and she picked up the knit stitch with ease, laughter and play with needles in hand changed her mind about it all.  And she enthusiastically said she would be back for the next class!  Huzzah!

Since this first class, the group has grown and the fun continues.  I love how the girls all sit around, needles and yarn in hand and chat like a bunch of old ladies.  LOL  I call it our Hen party now and honestly can't tell you how much fun we have.  The library has gotten used to us and makes us feel right at home each and every time.  The girls are learning a new skill and are proud of their work and friendships.  And according to this article, they are also building new neuropathways in their brains!  That's another post!  ;)

If you are local and would like to join our merry little group, we are meeting every other Friday, the first meeting for 2016 will be on Friday, January 8th at 4PM at Lake Travis Community Library.  We either meet in the meeting room if it's empty or the childrens's area.  You can't miss us...we are the group with tons of yarn and tons of laughter!  I love these kids so much and am so privileged to be a part of this little club with them!