Handmade Holidays - Teacher Gifts

We love making gifts for people during the holidays.  Cookies and pies are filling our oven on almost a daily basis.  Teachers get treats as well!  This year we decided to combine some yummy treats with some homemade goodness.  What better way for a teacher to relax than with a cup of tea in their new cup, some shortbread cookies and a bath with delectable homemade soap and Peace and Calming oil?  We had a blast making them, and hope the teachers love using them!  Here are the recipes for all....happy making!

Grapefruit and Himalayan Pink Salt Soap

1/4 t Rose Clay (I found this at Whole Foods in the beauty section)
1 t Himalayan Pink Salt (look in the bulk spice section...can use course although I used fine)
1 T local Raw Honey
20 drops Young Living Grapefruit EO
1 C Goat Milk soap base (I found mine at Michael's, really easy to melt and pour)

Plus 1 t Himalayan Pink Salt per bottom of each mold.

Melt soap in double boiler or microwave (be sure to use a heavy glass measuring cup if using microwave).  Once melted, take off heat and let cool slightly.  Add Rose Clay, Salt, Honey and EO in that order and stir to combine.  Add salt to each mold and pour mixture into soap molds and let cool.  Sprits with rubbing alcohol to disperse air bubbles for a nice finish.  Super easy and a wonderful treat for the recipient!

Shortbread Cookies

I used my favorite Martha Stewart recipe found here.  Instead of rolling out cookies, we pushed dough into super cute Snowman cookie molds I found on sale at Michael's!

After baking the cookies we packaged it all up and added a sweet Nutcracker miniature ornament, sample of Peace and Calming EO, and a Young Living Lip Balm in each gift.  The kids loved giving these to their teachers and from the notes we got in return, the teachers loved the gifts.

Creating something for someone is such a lovely way to say I am thinking of you!  So much love and attention is added and I know for me, receiving a homemade gift is something I treasure.  I have noticed over the years, the gifts the girls have saved and keep in special places are the ones that were made for them.  I love passing this tradition down to them and my grandkids!

Now to break out those needles and finish some Winter hats for the crew!  If we ever see Father Winter here that is...LOL



P.S. Check out the Essential Oils section of this blog for more info...;)