Seasons Change and So Do I

It's the holiday season...and it's been over a year since I looked at this neglected space.  Sigh.  So much of life has many changes....Things are good however.  Our homestead has added on my grown son and his family, so we are cozy in our little home.  But honestly, being able to have them here and see my grandsons everyday is a true blessing in all ways.  Yes, we are crowded....yes we get on each other's nerves at times....yes, the house isn't always as kept as I would like.  But all that goes away with one big baby snuggle and sloppy 1 year old kiss.  When my 6 year old grandson runs up and gives me a hug.  When my girls are laughing with their brother, who they had missed more than I think even they knew.  When my daughter in law reaches over and just gives my hand a squeeze, her silent way of sending her love.  Their world turned upside down last Spring, and I thank the powers that be that we could reach out and scoop them up.  Lives are moving forward, and while they are looking forward to finding a small cottage of their own here, and I am looking forward to having space, I know there will be tears when they leave....even if it's only a few houses down or a 5 minute drive away.  That daily interaction is everything.  I am privileged, I am blessed, I am loved.....Thank you Higher Power!  

So with that, I am rededicating myself to this space.  This is the same, but different.  Spiritual worlds have moved here in the AmLo household and we are looking at our lives through fresh eyes.  Yes, we still plan on talking about the much neglected gardens that we are working on restoring, and yes the children and the crafting will be HUGE here.  But also will be sharing how we are making these dreams of ours realities.  How we are building a new life where we are learning to be free.  How we are attempting to set the stage for our daughters so they can truly be whatever they want.  And how we fall down sometimes, but are able to get back up and learn and grow and not be afraid.  

So we want to start off this new dedication with a huge MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY HOLIDAYS, NAMASTE!!!  Till tomorrow!