Where Did The Summer Go?

I swear I was going to be good and keep up with everything here, but the Summer flew by!  School has started and the girls were both very excited.  Xiola was also nervous, but ready.  I can't believe my babies are both in school now.  They have both come home excited to tell me about their days and what new things they are doing.  Xiola is making new friends and loves her teacher.  I am relieved and also a bit melancholy to see them grow up so fast.  Both are in public school, and while we'd love to have them in a Waldorf setting, we simply cannot afford it.  Fortunately the school here is amazing and does alot of alternative type lessons with their curriculum, so we are happy.

The weather here has been brutal!  100+ degrees for almost 60 days straight.  The veggie bed is toast, we can't even be outside alot of the time because it's just too hot.  I am keeping the front gardens going, but will most likely lose a few things.  We do water the oaks and elm on our property though as we do NOT want to lose trees.  No rain whatsoever for weeks now.  Even the chickens have gone on strike.  I hope it ends soon.  Everything is withered and the lake is super low.  Scary....

I have several reviews to catch up on, including some exciting books I was sent so look for these in the next couple weeks.  I am also going to open my Etsy store finally.  Working on getting things made to stock it with.  I will have surprises, giveaways and a specials running so please stay tuned and don't count me out yet!!  

Hope your summer is coming to a happy close and the next phase of the year brings nothing but joy!  Peace!