Soccer Season Has Arrived

This season, both girls are playing and we are all very excited.  Their first games were this past Saturday, however Lola's early morning game was rained out.  Xiola's was scheduled for later and when game time rolled around, it was sunny and perfect for the little one's very first game ever.  And boy did she play!  She has benefited from watching her sister all these years, and it showed on the field.  Four goals and alot of pride in herself that day!  We were all so proud of her as well and so excited at her accomplishments. In the car on the way to lunch to celebrate she exclaimed, "That felt good out there!!!"  We are looking forward to watching her continue to grow with the game and build her confidence. 

Both the girls are going to have great seasons this Spring!  It's good to get back to the routine. 

What events are you looking forward to this Spring?  Peace!

(Photos courtesy of my dear in-laws.)