March Already?

This year is threatening to fly by.  I am watching the new growth appear in plants awakening from their Winter dormancy, was able to get several thing planted in the veggie beds, and even purchased two varieties of apple trees (Golden Delicious and Mollie's Delicious) and two varieties of pears (Shinko and La Conte).  Will be getting those in the ground in the next couple of weeks.  I know they won't produce for years, but I am still looking forward to that day anyway! 

My citrus seemed to have made it through the cold.  The Meyer's lemon looked to be a goner, however there were still a couple good, green leaves and branches buried in all the mulch.  I pruned the frozen bits and this morning noticed flower buds on one of the tiny branches that survived!  I have no idea how these will produce, but life is there and I hope that means it will grow strong and sturdy in the coming months.  Same with the thornless lime in the back.  Top froze, even when quadruple covered...but the mulch saved the lower level so there are new bits of growth already happening.  Might not produce again this year, but as long as it lives I am happy!

Salvias are showing where they scattered their seeds.  Black and Blue coming up all over along with the Coral.  I'm hoping the Red survived as well.  I love digging under the mulch of leaves we put out and seeing all the new green making it's way to the light. 

Tomatoes are sitting on the windowsill waiting for the night temps to rise a bit more so they can find their homes in the ground.  This year we are doing the yellow pears again along with Cherokee Purples, Brandywines, Better Boys, and Celebrity.  I'm waiting impatiently for Basil to be available and am looking forward to grilled pizza topped with fresh toms and Basil....a little pesto and goat cheese and yum!

How does your garden grow?  Peace!