A Garden and New Adventures

Springtime!  It's finally here and my garden is rejoicing.  Everything is coming back green and strong.  I spent all week mulching and weeding, tending to new growth and planting some brand new companions for the beds.  The veggies are in and starting to grow bigger as well.  I just love this time of year...

These are just a few views of the front...the back is in the works, but all the raised beds have veggies flourishing back there!

New adventures are coming to our youngest little lady.  Thursday of this week marked a big day for her...we got her registered for Kindergarten!  She was thrilled to have Lola show her around the school after we submitted all her paperwork.  She was also relieved she still has a few months before actually starting...haha!  But all in all, she'll do great!

Hope you all are enjoying your Spring wherever you may call home!  Peace!