Spring Is In The Air

And that means the Spring veggie beds need tending to!  Yesterday I was able to get them fertilized with organic fertilizer and coffee grounds, and even got some things in the ground that will be able to withstand one more frost, should the weather choose to grow cold again.  This past week we've been in the mid 70's and the garden is starting to show some signs of life once again. 

I would love to get another couple raised beds in place this weekend, so will be raiding the lumber yard and bribing Jason with Uncle Billy's beer to get a truck load of dirt.  Hopefully he won't balk at that idea! 

I picked up 4 fruit trees to plant as well.  2 varieties of apple (Mollie's Delicious and Granny Smith), and 2 varieties of pears (Shinko and La Conte).  It will take several years to see fruit, but that's okay!  I missed out on betting bare root plums and peaches however.  Next year.  I also want to do blackberries along the back fence.  Slowly but surely we will see our dreams come true here.  The girls are already dreaming of the day when they can go out in the back and pick their own apples for a snack or pie!

Also on the agenda for this weekend, brewing!  We have started to do home brew and it's in full swing here.  Tomorrow the first batch will be bottled, a black IPA.  We will do 2 batches next - a pale ale and a toasted coconut porter...yum!!  The IPA will not be ready for another 4 weeks, but the pale will be ready in 2 weeks as we are going to keg that one.   We'll bottle the coconut porter as well, and another pale will be brewed in a couple weeks.  The idea is to have a couple kegs of home brew ready at all times, and the craftier brews will be in bottles.  I am actually getting ready to order rhyzomes for hops, so eventually we'll have our own hops going into the recipes.  We got all the equipment at Austin Home Brew Supply, so are keeping it as local as possible until we can actually produce some of our own ingredients from the homestead.  Exciting?  Why yes!!

With the brewing in full swing, Jason is motivated to start work on the "Beer Garden".  Another huge project, but we have alot of help and support for sure!  Basically we will be adding a covered porch/outdoor kitchen onto the back of our studio with counters and cabinets, a sitting bar and table.  That will be where the brewing magic will eventually happen.  A cob oven will be built in that area as well.  Long term project for sure!  But if you don't dream big, you might as well just not dream at all. 

So Spring is bring alot of motivation and we are really looking forward to seeing what we can accomplish this year with it all. 

Let the fun begin!  Peace!