Baby It's Cold Out There!

 Current temp on front porch at 10:45 am with a windchill at about 8 degrees.


I know there are many in the North and East who are socked in with snow and crazy freezing temps, but here in Austin we are not used to it getting below the occasional 28 degrees in the Winter.  Last night was an exception however!  We got down to about 16 with the windchill at -5 degrees here at the lake.  We definitely had to batten down the hatches.  The animals hunkered down out of the wind, we boxed in the chickens by putting a tarp on the exposed side of the coop and putting up a large piece of plywood against the door to keep the wind out.  They also get a light in there all day and night while this cold spell lasts.  Propane guys are coming out today as well just to be safe.  I covered every vulnerable plant with triple sheets and blankets, but am afraid some of my potted plants couldn't weather the cold even under the porch and 3 blankets.  I brought in the ones looking worse for wear and am just crossing my fingers they will snap back.  It isn't looking good.  The citrus trees had so much mulch and I covered them with every heavy sheet and blanket I could spare, they looked alright this morning.  we'll see if they make it through though, I'm crossing my fingers as there isn't much more I can do for them.  I even added Christmas lights to the most vulnerable one. 

Today is a good day for soup, baking and just hunkering down with a movie and a cup of tea with my girl.  FarmGirl was irritated with the amount of layers I had her put on for the short trek to the bus stop this morning, it's literally across our little street.  But as soon as we walked outside she was grateful for it all! 

Yes baby it's cold out there!  Hope everyone is staying warm and all those in the blizzard zones are safe and sound!  Peace my friends!