No Baby Goats After All

Well, it looks like our darling Kubra kept her modesty all those many months ago and didn't end up with children after all.  Drats!  She should be due, well even over due, and there are absolutely no signs of anything.  I thought for sure she was looking wider, but then she didn't grow anymore and we figured only 1 kid inside.  Nope, I think she just got wider in preparation for Winter.  So we'll try again!  What a let down though...hah!

We've also had some chicken deaths in the past few weeks.  The hawk is still hanging around apparently as we had 2 gals just up and missing.  No signs of anything amiss, just gone.  Then the break in and 2 more disappeared in the night...plenty of evidence of this though as the trail of feathers out the back of the coop made me think, Rocky the Racoon.  This bugger is sneaky too.  We've set the safe trap, no luck but the food in it is gone everytime.  We've had to resort to barracading the run door every night.  So right now, after the other night's break in, we are down to 12 gals.  I'll get more in the Spring, but it's always a little disheartening when one is lost.  We are not in the city and out here by the Lake is kind of country for this area.  Lots of wild animals roaming around and mini groves to live in.  I love it, but the price is you lose some livestock every now and then. 

I did manage to get my Spring garden started.  Yes it's early, yes most of you are under a mountain of snow and yes it hasn't broken 40 here in the past few days, but I have learned alot living out here and one of the main lessons is if I don't start my garden in January, most things won't produce a lot if the heat sets in early like it has the last 2 years.  So seeds are in the ground and a good 8 inches of leaf mulch is keeping things warm.  I have more to plant, including melons and squash.  With the squash, I am going to try my dear friend Cheryl's suggestion from Conscious Gardening and plant mums around them.  Apparently they keep the borers away.  I am game to try!

The girls are doing well.  With the holidays over, things are finally settling down and getting back to a routine.  Don't get me wrong, we had a blast with all my family!  Super time to be honest, but it is also good for the girls to get back to a normal day and Lola was thrilled to get back to school.  All those hats, gloves and scarves made and bought for them are coming in handy this week with the early morning bus rides.  It has been cold for here.  I wonder if we will get snow like we did last year in February.  Hmmm......

So I will end this with the latest of Xi's photography.  She discovered the new aps on my phone and had a grand time with them when we went out for our anniversary the other night.  Yes, we took the kids to celebrate at our favorite place...Uncle Billy's.  We also had our dear friend Richie with us.   I will be dedicating an entire post to this place soon, so watch for it.  You will NOT want to miss out on experiencing the food and beer there.  Seriously some of the best around!

Much love and as always, Peace!