A Few Holiday Crafts Handmade By Moi!

Just a quick pictorial of a few of the crafts I finished up for the holidays.  Along with these were hats, gloves, doll clothes, doll closet, pocket banner for Lola to store books, etc. to hang next to top bunk, and various other things.  I will attempt to get more pictures posted.   (Excuse the quality of the photos.  I took them in a hurry as I finished each project, some with my phone.) 

Enjoy! Peace!

I do believe more of these crowns will be finding their way onto Etsy in the very near future.  I will keep you posted!

Scarves were knitted for the finished dolls.

A doll made for my darling friend's beautiful little girl.  Upon completion she was dressed.

Tooth Fairy pillow for a nephew.  Xi got one too!