The Apple Cake

Apple Cake
This morning we made an apple cake.  Not just any ordinary apple cake however, but the very recipe on the back of the book, "The Apple Cake" by Nienke van Hichtum.  We love this story.  It reinforces not only the idea of sharing and giving, but of community as well.

We first heard about this book from my dear friend Nicole who writes Frontier Dreams.  She raved about it and so we knew we'd love it too, and do we ever!  It is one of the "go-to" stories at storytime around here.  And is perfectly suited for my budding cook as well.  Xi is facinated with cooking and has even learned how to make her own scrambled eggs.  Every so often we get a craving for a delicious apple cake and out comes the book.

If you haven't seen this book, I highly recommend seeking it out.  Not only is the story beautiful, but the illustrations are beautiful as well.

Now we are going to go enjoy a slice of cake and our story...hope you have a perfectly peaceful Saturday.  Peace!