Trick or Treat!

Another Halloween under our belts. Lola declared it the best one yet! We went trick or treating with in a really cool neighborhood out here. Lola and her friends got to go further than the smaller kids, and she ran into several others from school. I love seeing that independence in her grow. It's a bittersweet transition that is happening right now. In so many ways she is trying to spread her wings and fly a little further, but she always is up for a cuddle and to just be a little girl once again. So being able to go off with her friends and their parents, while I stayed behind with the younger ones, was a huge deal to her. It was so great to see her run back to me after over an hour away, and excitedly hug me and tell me all the things she saw on her "journey". The friends in their costumes, the scary houses, and the simple fact that she was trusted to do this without me. Yes, there were other adults with her and her pals, but they were not "mom".

While all this excitement was going on, Xi and her little friends were experiencing a sense of "big girlness" themselves! There is one house on this particular street we go to every year, that the owners dress up to look like a haunted house. Flashing lights in the windows, scary arbor with spider webs and bats to walk through, eerie music and sound effects...all the things that make little girls shake in their princess shoes. The years prior, there was no way Xi or her friends were going anywhere near that house. We'd give it plenty of room even while just walking past. But this year, oh this year was going to be different! As we approached the house, I was prepared to make the wide semi-circle into the street giving us plenty of clearance. As I started to veer to my right a bit, the girls stopped me and with brave faces declared this was the year they were going to trick or treat that house! Apparently they've been discussing it. I had one of my little ones I watch during the day with me, and since she is only 3 she was not ready to make the trek up there, so Xi and Shelby were on their own. They clasped hands, held their pillowcases tightly and slowly made their way up the driveway. They hesitated at the entrance to the arbor, discussing their exit strategy I imagined if things got too intense. They literally gave each other a nod, and still holding hands, bravely walked through the arbor, past the fake cemetary, and up to the door where a witch was handing out the goodies. On their return, they too ran up to me with arms opened wide and declared, "We did it!!!!" Their beaming faces said it all, they'd conquered a fear and did it without any help! After that, they went through that arbor another 5 or 6 times before they were ready to move on. (They didn't keep trick or treating the house, just wanted to prove they could make it through again and again.)

So Halloween night was a night where I watched my youngest darlings grow a bit more. A little bit more of their babiness was gone, a little more maturity was found and a few tears filled my eyes I must say. Tears made of pride, of joy and yes, of a little meloncholy that I was watching them literally let go a bit more.

Afterwards, they came home and went through all their loot. Being the girls they are, they promptly decided which of it they would keep and which would be sent away. I do admit I allow a treat now and then for them that isn't always from the organic variety. But I am seeing that they know what they can handle and what they can't. The next day, Lola let me know that she had thrown away most of her candy and really only kept the gum..haha! Good girl! And it didn't spoil the fun she had, so all is happy. Xiola can't wait until next year and is already trying to decide what her costume will be.

Life goes by fast. I am very grateful to have this time and to be making these memories. Life is good....

Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween! Now on to my favorite time of year..heheh Click clack are the sound my needles are making! Peace!