I wanted to send lots of love to the everyone at this holiday time!  Hope you all had as wonderful of a Thanksgiving as my family did.  We spent the time with some great friends and neighbors.  Lots of delicious food, laughter and love.  A cold front moved in during the afternoon, dropping the temps from 80 to below 60 in about an hour.  But the fire kept us all warm and cozy as we "porched it" for meal time.  My favorite time of year is here once again...I love the holidays!

Now on to the handmade gifts I am making for everyone, decorating for Winter, covering plants (hard freeze hitting tonight), and making sure the firewood is stacked by the fire pit in the front.  And the only things I bought today on "Black Friday" were food for the family so I now have the entire weekend to just kick back, munch on leftovers and know that the pantry is full for the next couple weeks at least.  Time to work on gifts, cookie making and all the good stuff that comes with this time of year. 

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend!!  Much love and as always, lots of Peace!

The following photos are pre-meal yesterday.  We were having so much fun I didn't take one picture during the gathering!  Silly me...but here is how it looked when everyone got here.  Enjoy!