Neglectful Me

I would like to apologize to all my blogger friends for two things.  The first being my lack of response to your posts.  I assure you, I am reading..however my days have gotten busier with the gorgeous little 3 year olds I watch (and a couple 2 year olds scattered in there who are equally as precious!), along with family life!  These days, I barely have time to breath.  But your words, your photos and your constant inspiration makes me smile, even if I am not acknowledging it!  So Thank You for allowing me glimpses of your worlds through your own blogs.  I truly love all of them!

The second apology is my inconsistent posting here!  For the very same reasons mentioned above, I am a blogger slacker the last few weeks!  So I will try to make more of an effort because really there is alot going on and alot I could write about!  The routines are being established and I think we are finally settling down into them.  So hopefully I will be able to carve out a few moments each week to show you the changes, the fun and the boring that goes on around here.  Ha ha!  Bear with me.

I will have a full update in the next couple days.  Perhaps a pictorial update is in order as there is alot!  I didn't post the fun pics of our 5 year old's party; the excitement of pulling an engine from the '65 Chevy; the garden growing strong and proud; soccer games; and all the crafting that has been going on.  So I owe you a lovely post full of visions. 

For now, I will leave you to rest peacefully with your dreams.  Thank you my friends...I owe a very high number of smiles to you all!