Tropical Colors and Smells

As the heat, and humidity, rages on there are a couple plants in my front garden that are completely satisfied with it all.  It's giving the yard a tropical feel, giving us a little bit of being back in the islands. 

Ginger.  I don't know what kind but it was a gift to Jason and I stuck it in the ground.  It has bloomed every year since (3 years).

Pride of Barbados.  My in-laws got us started with these and we couldn't be more grateful.  They put on quite a show when the temps rise!  We have 3 mature blooming ones, and several grown from seed that look like they will be blooming by next year.  Love them!

Plumeria.  This was just a stick from a neighbor about 3.5 years ago that we stuck in a pot.  It didn't do anything, so we thought we'd killed it and put it in the shed to reuse the pot at a later date.  Last Winter, J noticed the smallest of green so we brought it in for the season and put it out this Spring, still in the pot.  It's putting on quite a show!  And the smell....heavenly.  One of my very favorite scents.  I'm thinking of planting it in the yard somewhere so it will eventually grow into a tree.  I need to find the perfect spot.  Any suggestions from my fellow Austin gardeners?  Or should I transfer it to a bigger pot and call it good?

I should say that these photos were taken with my phone ap - Retro Camera - which explains the graininess of them.  

Hope your summer time is tropically sweet smelling and full of color.  Peace!