A Princess and Her New Dress

My extraordinarily talented friend, Michelle, wrote the cutest dress pattern and asked if I would help by test knitting it in a size 4.  I was thrilled to help out of course!  One of the best things about this pattern, was Michelle wanted us to use a certain weight and fiber content of yarn, cotton!  Yay!  Xi can't stand anything with even the slightest amount of wool in it, so knitting for her has been challenging as she just won't wear any of it.  I figured this was do or die with her, so when the yarn came I asked her to feel it and see what she thought.  She smiled gleefully, announcing, "It's so soft!"  Whew!  First hurdle down.  So I knit up the dress and finished it this morning.  She was eager to try it on and I have to say it is a huge success as she now refuses to take it off.  She has declared it the perfect princess dress and wants to wear it everyday..haha!  Hats off to you Michelle for a beautiful pattern and the perfect yarn requirements!