Your Special Surprise...Giveaway!

I have a special surprise for you all, and all it takes is one little comment.  One of my favorite online retail outlets is Hip Mountain Mama.  I just love everything they sell, their philosophies on life and their solid family love.  I've been a part of her movement, One Small Change (where you are challenged to make one small environmentally friendly change a month), for several months now as well.  Their love for the environment is a way of life and she is spreading that love through community.    Suzy is the sweetest gal and is always positive...a trait I find very inspiring.  Even when things are rough, she finds the silver lining and runs with it.  As a result, Hip Mountain Mama has seen enough growth that Andy was able to quit his day job to devote full time to continuing their family business.  What better way to make a living than doing what you love with the people you love the best!  And the bonus is you are sending a positive message not only to your own children, but to the community in general.  It is quite possible to live an environmentally friendly, sustainable and simpler  life and not want for anything extra.  If anything, Suzy and her family are proving that they are happier than ever!  What a huge inspiration!

A little bit about their family in their own words:

"We are Andy, Suzy, Magnolia, and Sienna. We are a young family on a journey towards living a green, natural, simple, and sustainable lifestyle. We live in Colorado where we love to hike, camp, and explore the Rocky Mountains. We enjoy crafts, gardening, healthy cooking, and spending time together in the great outdoors."

I had the honor to do a little interview with Suzy about Hip Mountain Mama and their life in general.  For your enjoyment:

"How long have you been in business?

    •    I started the business in August of 2008.  My husband joined the business in November of 2009 making it a true family owned and operated business.

What are some of your inspirations?

    •    I am inspired by nature.  I feel so at peace and happy when I am in nature and it really makes me want to be kind to Mother Earth and help spread the message.  Sitting by a water fall or rushing river, walking along a wooded path, or sitting around a camp fire all inspire me to be a better person.

Tell us how you encorporate family life with operating Hip Mountain Mama.

    •    Since we are a family run business, running the business and family life go hand in hand.  Andy and I sit down each morning with our coffee and plan out our day.  We decide what needs to be done with the business as well as with our kids and talk about what we would like to see the day look like.  If I have a lot of work to do, maybe Andy will take the girls to the park, or maybe it is a day we feel we can take a few hours and go for a hike.  These morning coffee meetings help us tremendously because we know what to expect out of the day and end up getting a lot accomplished while making sure our kiddos are nourished.

What are 5 words that describe your life?

    •    fun, chaotic, adventurous, loving, peaceful

Tell me a little of your thoughts on "community".

    •    I actually have a ton of thoughts on community....I'm like a community junkie.  I thrive on getting together with like minded folks and creating spaces where people can come together and feel like they are a part of something.  I think, as humans, we intuitively want to be a part of either one or many communities.  It's empowering and fun!"

For more on this family's life and adventures, as well as the other online communities Suzy has started please see her blog at Hip Mountain Mama Blog.  It is such a beautiful journal of their life and truly peaceful in her descriptions of their adventures as well as all the photos.  (Is it okay to be a teeny bit envious?  hahah!)

Now for your surprise!  Suzy and her family are being super generous and offering up a $30 Gift Certificate to one of you!  All you have to do is leave a comment by Wednesday, June 30th 11:59 P.M. CT and I'll pick the winner with the random generator on Thursday, July 1.  Easy peasy!  For a second entry, become a follower and leave a separate comment letting me know.  (If you are already following, leave a second comment as well and I'll add you twice). 

I promised you a treat and I know you will LOVE shopping at Hip Mountain Mama dreaming of all the ways to spend this great gift. 

Thank you so much Suzy.  I am so happy to be working with you on this and help spread the word on your wonderful business and life.  Namaste!


Comments now closed.  Winner will be announced today - Thursday, July 1.