The Love of Succulents

I have found a true love for succulents and sedums.  I have my darling J and my friend Becky to thank for it.  I never really saw the beauty in the sometimes spikey, messy, unusual features of some of these plants until I really looked.  Now I just think they are the most interesting creatures!  So beautiful in the way they fall and grow.  I have a very small collection that Becky adds to for me every now and then.  Pretty much all my sedums have come from her.  I am doing my best to cultivate them as I have a vision of a rock wall covered in sedums and succulents one day.  For now, I'll share some of my meager collection (most of which I do not even know their names, so if anyone wants to take a gander at this, feel free to comment!)  I have a couple more, but these are what begged to be photographed today. 


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