Some Garden Photos...Finally!

Just a few photos from last week.  The gardens are growing like crazy right now.  We are into May, and that means the heat is coming on.  So far the plants are loving it as the nights are still nice.  Soon we'll be into Summer weather however and the Spring blossoms will fade and make way for the heat loving plants.  I just hope it's not another record breaker summer.  Last year was rough with the drought, no rain and more days than bearable of 100+ degree weather.  Then we had hard freezes and colder weather for Winter.  One thing with all these extremes that I am a firm believer in...mulch!  I mulched like a mad woman before Winter hit and so far everything has come back.  I am about to do the same for the Summer heat.  Oak leaves have been our best friends in the garden.

Anyway, without boring you more on my ramblings, enjoy the few snippets of color I have to share today.  I'm sorry I've been neglectful of this space has a funny way of sneaking up on you when you least expect it and demanding all your time!  I'll try to be better...Peace!