When Did She Grow So Big?

 My first daughter is quickly turning into a young lady.  She just celebrated birthday 7...7 years already!!  I will post pictures from that day and her joint party with her cousin, Chai (who is visting all the way from Australia...we are so happy they are here!) soon.  But I just received this photo from this year's soccer pics...who is that girl?!  When did my little baby turn into a real kid and how do I slow this down? 

Life is speeding by way too fast.  I wish I could find someway to slow down time.  I blink and they are bigger...I'm trying to savor every moment.  These girls are all light and love to us...I have to say I do laugh with them everyday and feel so amazingly grateful to have this time, no matter how fast it goes.

Hope your day is slow and easy.  Peace!

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