Springtime Bedding

I finally finished the girls blankets and pillows!  Yay me!  They are made with Anna Maria Horner's Folksy Flannel fat quarter bundles.  I love her designs so much.  They just make me smile. 

This weekend we paint their room and finish rearranging.  We want to get them bunk beds, but those will have to wait for now.  They have a trundle bed, so are fine until we can get the bunks.  We are simplifying and reorganizing, which will make life alot easier on all of us when it comes to picking up...we hope anyway.  Hah!

For now, here are the things I've crafted for them.  Enjoy!


 Xiola's blanket and pillow, along with my first Log Cabin Quilted pillow for the living room.  Lola's blanket is identical to Xi's except I made the squares bigger. (I didn't get a picture of it for this post but will for a future one.)

Log Cabin Pillow.  Tutorial came from Dacia Ray and is super easy to follow.  I'm sure my measurements were a bit off as I ended up with a more rectangular pillow cover, but the good thing about these types of pillows is they still work even if not square.

Pillow cases!  Xi's is pink and Lola's is blue.  The tutorial came from Film In The Fridge.  Great tutorial!