Snow Day - Now With Pictures

Hopefully I'll get some good pictures up later today. It's a rare occasion that we get snow, but today is a full blown snow day. I don't know how much will stick, but so far the newly weeded and prepared flowerbed is a blanket of white. Lola got a snowball thrown at her by daddy on the way out to the car while leaving for school. And big fat flakes are randomly falling. The forecast says by 9 this morning it should turn over to all snow with the biggest portion hitting this afternoon. The novelty of it is really exciting for us. Makes me want to knit knit knit!

Hope you are staying warm and dry! Peace!

Update: Still coming down, although lighter now. The weather reports say it will be off and on all day. Fun!

Enjoy the pictures!

Earlier this morning as it was first starting.
 Flower garden earlier


 An hour later.


A little over 2 hours after first Flamingo picture.
 It is really accumulating for out here.






The snow is so pretty, and such a novelty for us Southern folks!