One Small Change - January Report and February Challenge

Well, we were able to clean out around 200 items from our home (that includes little toys that went unused) and will be taking them to the Goodwill this week.  I really need to improve on my grocery bag usage.  I don't know why this one is such a hard one for me to just get...  I think to help I'll be making some colorful bags to use to make it more interesting visually.  Hah!  Definitely will keep up the decluttering efforts too!

For this month, we will be working on changing over all the lightbulbs in the house to energy efficient ones, continue working on using recyclable bags for groceries, and 2 week meal planning so we are only going to the store 2-3 times per month rather than every week.   Nicole, over at Frontier Dreams, is the inspiration behind this one.  Thanks Ni!

Hope everyone is having a great week so far!  Peace!