Baby Gifts For My Sister

My darling sister, who lives in Oregon, is giving our family the most amazing gifts...twins.  She is currently about 7 weeks away from delivering her son and daughter and we are all thrilled beyond belief.  Last weekend was her baby shower, and as I couldn't fly to the West Coast for it, I sent her gifts...and was relieved they arrived on time I might add.

Both gifts were handmade by your's truly and I loved every moment of the process.  Not really a WIP, as they are finished and have been opened and all, but I couldn't share them before the shower.

So, without further hesitation, I share with you the gifts I made with all the love in my heart for these two little babes.  I cannot wait to see them and snuggle their little faces close to mine.  Sis, I love you more than words will ever express...

 Baby Boy's sweater...I also knit a hat to go along with it but for some reason didn't get a picture of it...

 Longies for the little man.

 Onesies for him too...

Baby Girl's sweater and onesies.

Bonnet to match.

Sheepy Sack for her as well.
I will get pattern references and all up on my Ravelry page soon for anyone who is interested.  Peace!