The Newest Addition To The Farm

J has a new project:

He's really excited about it.  We've been a one car family for quite awhile and it hasn't been bad at all.  Lately, however, I've found that the kids I take care of are old enough to be able to transport about easier than when they were infants.  And J has really been wanting a car of his own.  But not just any car, he wanted a project.  One that runs great even if it's not cosmetically up to snuff.  So we found one that we could afford and we couldn't be happier.  The truck runs great!  No mechanical issues at all actually.  The guy we bought it from had inherited it from his uncle so it's always been in the same family and was a beloved truck.  He had hopes of restoring it but life got too busy and as many of these projects go, it was time to say goodbye.  We are so lucky we found him, and he seems pretty happy that we did too.  We have a lot of plans for this beast.  It will take years to get it to where we want it, but the fun of a car like this is the project and the dream of how beautiful she'll look once restored to her full glory.  The girls are thrilled, J is stoked and I love it.  We've really needed a truck, and this will definitely make it easier when I get my organic dirt from the Natural more breaking backs bagging our own cubic yards!  Yay!  It will help with hauling the feed and hay for the animals, and for just having fun.  Fortunately J doesn't commute more than 10 miles to work so gas won't be a huge issue.

So thank you Joe for the sale and for taking such good care of it.  We will treat it like part of the family and as we work on restoring it, we'll document it for you and anyone else who is interested.  You made this family very happy!

Loving the new ride!  Peace!

J and his new baby..a happy man he is.