Knock Off Wood friend Jill just posted on her blog about this amazing site and I just have to share.  Knock Off Wood just might possibly become some of you DIY types favorite site.  Seriously!  This gal (yes, I said gal), builds most of her own furniture, and it's not just any furniture.  She's found complete plans for things that cost 100's of dollars in places like Pottery Barn and she's posting them free of charge.  Ana is your typical stay at home mom with little money who wants to have a nice looking home.  So she found a way to make this happen by building her own things, and in the process this site was born.  "What I strive to do is enable an average woman like myself to build outstanding furniture with minimal tools, time and money. " 

These plans are amazing and are so well laid out that even a building novice such as myself might have a shot at completing a project and actually have it turn out nice.  Haha!  I've already found half a dozen things I'd love to build and I just read about the site 20 minutes ago.   I might have a new hobby brewing...I know my mother in law is going to like this as she's venturing out into the building world herself and is definitely an inspiration to me. 

Check it out and if you build something from there, let me know!  I'm off to peruse more things I want to build for our home.

Hope you all are having a grand day!