I Dare You!

So the challenge has been placed...Suzy, over at Hip Mountain Mama, is challenging all of us in blogland to One Small Change per month.  The idea is if we all make just one small change in our lifestyle that the ripple effect of this will better our environment and our planet.  Things to change can be as simple as cooking more at home, or using reusable shopping bags.  The challenge is to write about what you want to change, work on it for the month and then the first of the following month you let everyone know how it went and what your next challenge is.  The end date is April 22, Earth Day.  On that day you will post about how the entire challenge went; listing all the changes you made and how they affected your immediate world.  She's even offering prizes as incentives!  The biggest prize however is how your one small change can make an impact.

So for the challenge, the girls and are going to work on donating and decluttering this month.  They've already filled up 2 large trash bags with things to donate to children's charities here locally, and we'll be coming up with more as the month moves forward.  The idea behind this is to not only help out those who don't have, but to declutter our world in the process.  I am also making a personal challenge to myself to remember the shopping bags when I go to the store!

What changes do you want to make in this new year?  Care to join us?