Thank You Tom!

A huge thank you to my dear friend Tom over at Seventh Street Cottage.  Last week a huge box full of plant goodness arrived and I couldn't be more delighted, or surprised at the amount he packed in there.  Brugmansia rootings, Pineapple Sage rootings, and so many seeds that with what I've collected and already have, I am pretty set for Spring!  I quickly got the rootings into soil and will be replanting them into individual pots as soon as I possibly can. 


The list of seeds is:

~ Rubeckia hirta - yellows, browns and reds
~ Datura inoxia - White
~ Rutgers Tomato
~ Green Zebra Tomato
~ Yellow Pear Tomato
~ Melampodium
~ German Johnson Tomato
~ Biana di Maggio onions
~ Black Krim Tomato
~ Datura - Triple Yellow
~ Coreopsis - Mahogany midget
~ Pineapple Sage
~ Anise hyssop - Golden Jubilee
~ Brandywine Yellow Tomato
~ Cherokee Purple Tomato
~ Bee Balm - red
~ Salvia splendens "Yvonne" - grows to ever 4 feet tall

So thank you Tom...thank you so very much!