A Gardening Post!

This weather has been fantastic!  Temps in the mid 70's by day and 50's at night.  After all the rain we finally had a couple weeks ago, and with cooler temps, the plants all came alive.  I can't believe the growth, although it's starting to slow with the cooler nights, but everything is thriving so far.  The last hurrah before the cooler temps start taking their toll.  I did manage to get alot of things done in the gardens over the weekend.  The garden below that used to be the vegetable garden has been completely transformed and I'm seeing a truly sacred space coming through.  I made a path with rocks from our property, planted wildflower seeds and other spring blooming flower seeds, cleaned up the weeds and allowed the area to whisper what it wanted to be.  I'm excited about the transformation and look forward to helping bring out it's real self some more.  I do have to finish lining the path with more rocks, and then a nice thick layer of mulch on top of that and in the beds.  Once the cucumber plant (looking sad but producing!) is finished I want some kind of artistic garden feature for the middle.  Haven't seen it in my mind's eye yet so any suggestions would be appreciated!

We also got our bulbs planted today...daffodils, more freesias and ranunculus.  The kids all helped.  I can't wait for them to bloom in the spring so the little ones can see their work explode with color.

My raised beds are working wonderfully.  The vegetables are all growing and look very healthy.  One of the tomato plants is just gorgeous, although no tomatoes yet.  Probably too cool now, but I'm going to make a hoop house to cover it and it's siblings over the winter and see how we fare.  We'll  see how it goes.  The fun of experimentation makes it worth the effort.

Hope everyone's week goes by with joy and laughter and lots of love!








Enjoy the pictures!  Peace!