We Interrupt This Gardening Moment For a Little ACL Fun (Lots of photos)

We went to Austin City Limits music festival on Friday and Sunday of this past weekend.  What a blast!  The kids had so much fun, as did we.  Friday was the perfect day.  Weather was great, lines were short and the bands rocked!  We saw alot of great talent, but one that stands out from that day for us is the band Pheonix.  They are from France and we really like them alot.  Also, the Yeah Yeah Yeah's who are Lola's favorite right now.  She was so excited to be able to see them play live.

Sunday found us under deep grey skies and threatening to pour down on us...but it never did.  Saturday it rained all day and so the mud was thick at the park.  We didn't go Saturday, but with the way the mud was on Sunday I can only imagine how it was in the rain!  The girls LOVED stomping through it though.  And while it didn't rain on us (we were prepared), it was humid!  Still didn't bring us down though as we saw the B52's.  Despite reminding me of just how old I'm getting, they still can put on a show..haha!  We also saw The Dead Weather which is Jack White's latest project (He is also in the White Stripes).  We LOVE them and they don't disappoint.

We spent a huge chunk of time in the kid's area with the girls on Friday.  Both were thrilled as they got their hair colored, Xi got a tattoo, Lola got to jam with the School of Rock kids as well take part in a Hip-Hop workshop.  She rapped away and then they gave her a CD they'd recorded of her...she felt like the star for sure!  The guys running that workshop were the Q Brothers and they were great with the kids.  On Sunday they did an improv rap for the Buddy Bucks guy that had Jason and I rolling on the floor...all about why they don't sell more organic and local produce at HEB...haha!   The School of Rock All-Stars were amazing kids as well!  They covered some good, old fashion rock and roll tunes and did a great job.  The last act we saw was a DJ who goes by Girl Talk.  He samples tons of different music and just has a very unique and fun style.  The crowd was going crazy!  Lola and I danced and danced.

So we'll return to our regularly scheduled AmLo Farms fare in a moment...for now, enjoy the pictures of our weekend.

The first stage we saw upon entering.  The Knux were playing.  They are old school hip hop and were fun.

Xi spent alot of time on J's shoulders.  She really loved going up close to the stage with him too!


DJ Lola with the Q Brothers


Rockin' with the School of Rock kids.  She wants to take classes next year when she's old enough.

My little punk rock munchkin


Xi really loved seeing the bands

J was so happy...I love this photo

Dancing queen!

The Hat

My oldest girl and me

Yes, Barbie came to the festival too...Hah!

This gal is a professional photographer and she kept taking pics of the girls.  Lola was happy to meet a new friend of course!

Lola up on J's shoulders watching the Yeah Yeah Yeah's in her cape.  She was thrilled that the lead singer of the band also wore a cape!


 We thought for sure we were going to get hit with this.  But it blew over and instead rained down at our house, perfect! 

 They still rock!  B52's

Back with the Q Brothers in Xi's hat this time

The All-Stars!  

 Xi woke up happy from her nap

The mud was thick!

Rocking out to The Dead Weather with dad!

The man, the legend, Jack White.

This gal was hoola hooping like crazy, and to the beat of Girl Talk!

 The final act we saw, Girl Talk.  This was absolutely just pure fun!  Lola and I went up front for a bit and she loved it.

And finally...my creative juices got to flowing for a moment in time:



Playing in mud
She marches through the muck with a smile as wide as the sky;
No care.
Squishy, oozy, watered-down dirt.
Music playing,
Wild Thing mucking about...
Happy Child!



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