Poncho, Spider and Creativity

So here is a project I finished for my little Farm Girl.  We were completely inspired by Shelley over at Waldorf Mama and her creation for her little one.   The pattern is about as easy as it gets and was really fun to knit.  Lola saw the rainbow colors on Shelley's site and had to have one.  The only real change I made on this pattern was to crochet a yoke as Lola has narrow shoulders and a long lean torso, so even the smallest size was slipping off her shoulders.   I also added a couple extra rows per color to compensate for the extra length she needed.  The success of this project was shown last week when my darling one just had to wear it everyday to school, and came home exclaiming that her friends now wanted me to knit for them.  We'll see how far I get with my other holiday gifts..shh...



Spider projects were on the agenda tonight.  Lola had to research a spider, make a model and find 8 facts to present to her class.  She chose the Jumping Spider .  We researched and found our facts over the last couple of days, and so tonight was all about the model.  We made our own clay and she created her spider based on pictures we found online.  Then it was baked and painted.  Lola wrote out her 8 facts on strips of paper which I then attached to the legs of her model after the paint was dry.  What fun it was to create!  She had a blast not only with the clay, but practicing her presentation and learning about her creepy crawly friend.  I'm very proud of how she threw herself into this project.

Lola wasn't the only one expressing her creativity, Xi got in on the action too.  These are her creations, which since have been baked and will be painted tomorrow.  The small one is her interpretation of a bee and the larger one is a funky giraffe.  Hah!  I love them!


The girls had so much fun with this project, that I do believe I have some ideas for them for the holidays and expressing even more of their gift giving creativity.

Hope you are having a creative, warm, happy week! 


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