Gardening Photos On A Slow Sunday

First I want to give a shout out to my sister-in-law, Lelo in Nopo, for getting published in the new edition of Fine Gardening! Congrats my dear! Check out her blog.  She's a Master Gardener in Portland and to be honest, her garden is one of my biggest inspirations.  She's quite the talented artist and writer too!

Not much to report today. We did get alot of maintenance stuff done today despite the cold rain.  I'm shaking my fist at the Nutgrass Sedge that has been springing up all over...but I managed to get it under control in the front, at least that's what I'm telling myself.  Loving the weather even while working in it though.  After our horrendous summer, the cooler weather is much appreciated around here.

So cheers for slow Sunday's!  Here are some photos from the last couple weeks. Hope your weekend is everything you wanted it to be!


Gulf Fritillary caterpillar

Tomatoes, Cucumbers and Nasturtiums

Potatoes, Broccoli, Lettuce and Pumpkins (Xi wanted to plant the pumpkins...I'm sure they won't do much as it's quite late in the season, but she's an gardening experimenter like her mother!)

Scarlet Runner Bean Blossoms

Grean Pole Beans

Scarlet Runner Beans starting to run.

Green Pole Beans

Oh no you don't!  This Tomato Horned Worm made a snack out of my one decent plant I've babied all summer.  Fortunately I caught it before it could take the plant down and so the chickens got a tasty treat between him and his brother I found 5 minutes later...hehe

Datura is blooming prolifically!  I love it...

Green Envy Zinnias still going strong, as are their cousins planted in the same bed.  A few of the plants are taller than Xi, not a huge feat as she's pretty short, but pretty good for a flower!

Velvet Leaf Honeysuckle intermingling with Red Salvia and Purple Fountain Grass.  I love the textures.

Lovely Datura Blossom

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