So far we've had 8 inches since Thursday. My towering Esperanza's are drooping from the weight of the water, I go out and shake them off every so often so they won't break. The rain has perked up plants that seemed to be on their way out and is feeding the dry earth and hopefully doing some good for the Lake. I know we need alot more, and it seems we'll get that at least with today. It feels so good to open the windows up and hear the rain falling, and have the temperatures back down to a tolerable level. I hate to jinx it and say Fall is coming, but a girl can hope can't she?

We were going to get the Fall veggies going today, but with all the rain it might have to wait until tomorrow. We need some more compost and topsoil from Natural Gardener, then a planting I will go!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend! Peace!