Happy Autumn!

What a great way to celebrate the first official day of Autumn, with rain! We got 2 inches last night and it's been softly falling all day since. The temperatures are in the 70's and I finally broke out the knitting. Yes, I should be working on projects for Xi's birthday this weekend, but it's hard to do with the other kids around and I can start and stop with knitting pretty easily. Tonight you will find me in front of the sewing machine however. I have a couple ideas I really want to work on for her, plus her birthday crown (I'm determined to do one this year come hell or high water...preferably high water as the lake needs it! hah!)

So for now, Happy Autumn to you all!


The front bed that we worked on a couple weeks ago. The far side was where it needed polishing up after we cut back the huge rose "tree" that grows in there. It's enjoying the rain very much!