Cobrahead Weeder and Cultivator

I mentioned in my last post about the great new garden tool we got - the Cobrahead. Thanks to the generous company, everyone who entered Carol's giveaway at May Dream Gardens, received one. I was so excited when it arrived and had a terrible time waiting to use it. So when Sunday came and we were out working, out came the Cobrahead. It not only dug holes like slicing through butter, but I also used it to edge all the beds, weed out some things - including some pesky garlic chives that were growing in places where I didn't want them to be, and to clean out the St. Augustine grass runners that were trying to move into the garden beds. It cut my job time in half! Plus, it's slender so I didn't have to worry about not being able to get weeds and grass that were too close to other plants. Everything looks so much fresher and cleaned up thanks to this amazing tool. As a bonus, it is made out of recycled and non-toxic materials too! Check out their website and video, you won't be disappointed! Everyone needs a Cobrahead!