Birthday Present Finished

Well, part of it anyway. I still have the crown to make tonight but I can use the machine for most of that. This was the heirloom piece I wanted to finish for Xi's 4th birthday this weekend. All hand-sewn by your's truly. It is made out of 100% wool felt and batting with cotton embroidery thread. Legs are button jointed so she can sit up by herself. What a truly fun craft this was to make. I poured alot of love into this. Our baby is entering a whole new era of her life and I felt it was truly important to honor this transition with a piece made from mama's hands and love. The pattern is Mimi's Hand Sewn Felt Doll and I found it at The Purl Bee. So many wonderful ideas over there, check them out!

Sunday is the actual birthday, but her party is tomorrow. I still have a ton of stuff to do to get ready, but I really think she'll have a blast. When did my little one grow so much? How quickly the time passes, I try to enjoy each and every moment of our time together. Even the frustrating moments can be secret lessons for both of us and sometimes some of the strongest memories.

I'll have a post dedicated to her on the actual day of her birth...but for now I wanted to share with you all - before she even sees it - the birthday present finished.


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