Some New Plants and First Day of School

We discovered my second favorite nursery of all time...Barton Springs Nursery. After reading about it from several of the Austin bloggers, we had to make a trip and we are super glad we did! We found several plants we'd been looking for and even some we didn't know we wanted. A couple of them are mystery plants to me as I just was in that crazed mode that gardeners go into when browsing rows of the most gorgeous greenery, that I just grabbed them. So I'll get pictures up of those for identification purposes in a bit. For now, enjoy these new creatures and a couple extra garden pictures to boot!

Oh, do I spy Bat Face Cuphea? I think I do!:

A new, hanging succulent. Any ideas on this one?:

The potted succulents are doing well in this heat:

I am loving this combination, Giant Benary's Purple Zinnia and Green Envy Zinnias (I'm pretty much dedicated to always having zinnias in the garden):

So pretty, Green Envy:

And another new one, I'm very excited about this one. Black and Blue Salvia!:

The shade garden is filling in nicely:

I do admit I water. We are still on Stage 1 water restrictions, so we have 2 days we can water during designated hours. In Austin they are now at Stage 2 where they only have one day to water using irrigation. You can hand water anytime, and I do. I put alot of time and money into my garden and I don't want to lose it. Fortunately we planted drought tolerant plants and the ones that need an extra boost everyday are in shadier areas so not quite as affected as the full sun plants. Plus we have some really established plants that were here for years before we bought the house, those don't get any watering at all and are still doing pretty good under the circumstances. Plus, except for one little bed and a pot in the back, we don't water the back at all and that's where most of our property is. We really need the rain though!

And now, on to the first day of school. Our darling Farmgirl Lola started First Grade yesterday...eeekk! She absolutely loved every moment of it. She came home full of stories and timetables of her day's events. She has been home schooled so is pretty far ahead in reading, math and comprehension. She said the teacher told her during English, while she was talking to the other kids about phonics, that Lola could go to the corner of the classroom where they have a little in-class library and pick any books to read. She loved it! When Xi and I were waiting at the bus stop for her, we saw the bus coming down the road and all I saw were arms waving and her little mouth moving...haha! When they stopped the bus driver was laughing and said he now knew our whole history...hah! She's a talker that one!

We all walked her in for the first day. She was thrilled that she had her own desk and cubby. She promptly hung up her backpack and lunch, grabbed her name tag and started introducing herself to other kids. Didn't bat a lash when we were ready to leave, I think she was even trying to hurry us out! hah! After school she was super excited about homework...but she LOVES to do schoolwork anyway, so that isn't too surprising to us. I didn't get any pictures in the classroom or at the school as it was pure chaos with everyone walking their kids in. But I did manage to get a couple before leaving the house early in the morning.

So the first day went off without a hitch and she had a blast! She may want to go back to homeschooling in the future, which is fine with us of course, but for now she's totally stoked to be at school and that's all we can ask for!

Someone just a little excited:

Hope your first days and new things are going well for you too! Peace!