Is that even a word? Well it is now, randomness! That's what today's post is. Just random pictures from our last couple of days. It's been hot, hot, hot! Did I mention hot? We are now at 66 days of triple digit temps for the summer and just about to break the record. If it tops out at 100 today, we'll officially be experiencing the hottest summer ever in the Austin area since record keeping of temps of course. It's been miserable! Not alot of outside activity going on past 10 in the morning, so the kids and I have had to get creative. Lots of playdough, art and pretend play going on. Today, however, we are venturing out with friends in tow to the fountain park here and having lunch with the fountains. Then we'll pick Farmgirl up from school, drop kids at their correct parents and rush over to gymnastics. I hope we make it on time! ;)

Farmgirl Lola is basking in the glow of going to school. She absolutely loves every moment of it so far. Comes home just ecstatic, full of stories from her day. While it is public school and not the education system I'd choose for her if I could choose any, the school is a good school and the teacher completely understands that kids learn at different rates. So since Lola is so far ahead, she has her own reading and math programs she'll do. I am of the "project based learning" bent, so that's a hard one for me to swallow that she won't really be learning in school along those lines. But we agreed to re-evaluate at Christmas and see if it's all going well not only for her socially but also educationally. We are still going to supplement with our own homeschooling/unschooling style as well. But for now, she's loving it and it seems to be feeding that desire to be with tons of her peers all at once. She's a social one that kid!

Last night a small storm looked like it was going to roll through, but of course went south of us at the last minute, so aside from a few drops that didn't do anything, we did have some really cool lightening and cloud formations. It was a nice change of pace from the clear skies we normally see. Hopefully more will head this way and actually decide to rain down on us! We need it. The lake is at 41% full now...sad to see all the docks up on the shore. The boat ramps are all closed now and there are islands where there shouldn't be and dry land in other spots that are suppose to be in deep water. Hopefully El Nino will hit us hard over the Winter and Spring and bring up those levels!

For now, enjoy some of the randomness in photos that were taken by me and little Xi..;)

I love this shot! Xi took this and we didn't realize how she captured the angle of the moon with so much love until we uploaded it to the computer...hehe:

Another by Xi of the cloud formations:

My blurry attempt at no flash with my old-ass camera:

It's a stand-off. Moose the ferret was playing with Emo the cat for awhile and it tuckered both of them out:

My super duper thrift store find! A Le Crueset whistling kettle, the large one, for a whopping $20! I had just looked at them in a retail store and they were $85 there...literally 10 minutes later we saw this at the thrift store, almost un-used:

When I realized that there were going to be sacrifices in the garden due to the drought, I decided to try and save a little of a couple things. This is from the Honeysuckle and is growing from a vase of water on my kitchen windowsill..and blooming!:

Sweet potato vines and Honeysuckle cohabitating: