Garden Blogger's Bloom Day - August 2009

Thanks to Carol over at May Dream Gardens for starting this tradition. You really should take a peek at her blog and check out everyone's gardens while you are there!

I'm a day late I know, but I was just super busy yesterday and didn't get out there to get pictures (the quality of today's I must apologize for too, my camera was running low on batteries and I only had so much juice left so took them quickly). The day started at The Natural Gardener where I met up with Meredith of Great Stems and Caroline of The Shovel Ready Garden. First time meeting in person and I have to say it was so nice. These two gals really are as wonderful as they sound in their blogs and we had a great time hanging out amongst the plants! We were taking the organic vegetable gardening class that was being offered, so it was fun to meet up in person! Alot of what was discussed I was aware of, however I did learn a few things in regards to soil preparation, so it was worth it. For taking the class, we were all given a coupon good for that day - 10% off entire purchase! Plus there was a sale going on, all plants are 30% off right now and most everything else is on sale for 10 - 20% off as well! This sale is going on through the 20th, so if you are local head on down and pick up some things for your garden! I got a couple Rock Rose Plants, some Verbena (the girls picked these out), a Coral Salvia, and my new obsession - a purple Datura that is just about to bloom! Oh yes, very exciting indeed! The girls love hanging out there, so while I was in class they ran around with J checking everything out. We were there all morning then went to lunch and came home to get a few things done around here before going down to our neighbor's whose house J designed. They were pouring the slab, so it was a big deal. The girls and I came up after awhile and crashed. We were tired! Today we all feel the need to be a bit more lazy, so after getting the new plants potted and in the ground the girls have opted for a movie, J is on the computer downstairs and here I am. I do have housework to do so I'll be ready for the week, but not a ton and it can wait. Sometimes it is nice to just sit and breath...

On to the blooms. I am a day late but here we go!

Pride of Barbados:

Esperanza (my yellow flowering one isn't blooming at all, the plant is growing super tall and strong though so not sure what the deal is right now):


A single Turk's Cap:


Zinnias going strong:

Datura. These are double blooms too!:

More Zinnia:


Petunias going strong:

One of the new Rock Roses. This one was tagged as a Mexican Rock Rose. Meredith at Great Stems wrote a good post on her Rock Roses, so when I saw these I had to get them:

My first Morning Glory! Yay!

The new Coral Nimph Salvia:


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