Busy Sunday

Another busy gardening day yesterday. We spent most of yesterday outside as it was finally "only" in the mid 90's rather than the over 100 death heat. We got the front fence line cleared of the overgrowth and plants we didn't want that had sprung up. Got the massive Rose bush pruned way back. Seriously, it was tied to the fence and was taking it down. J had to repair a couple of the fence boards so we just hacked the bush back. It was having a hard time with the heat and drought since I don't water it regular and was stressed so we are hoping this pruning will help it. Of course, by doing that I opened up this shade bed and need to take care of the right side of it now. That side gets sun from about 10AM to about 1PM, so is pretty much in the shade most of the day. It is filling in really nicely and loves the misters from the drip irrigation. Now that the Rose is cut back it will most likely get a little more light and of course now needs to be continued on down.

I also used my brand new garden tool, the Cobrahead, to edge and weed. I'll have a separate post about this awesome tool, but suffice to say I have no idea how we lived without it up to now!

The girls were outside for most of the day too as the weather wasn't sapping all the energy from them. It felt good!

The garden is taking on a whole new appearance now as things fill in, grow larger and with all the things we got rid of yesterday. So much had died do to the lack of rain and it was starting to look a bit straggly out there in the very front. It's nice to get all that cleaned up and refreshed.

How was your weekend? I hope full of good things and productive times, no matter what those were!

View from the front door:

These just make me smile:

Look at how tall that Golden Bells Esperanza is! My yellow one is just as tall and right behind it but not blooming at all, although the plant is super healthy. Anyone know why this might be?:

The smallest of the front beds. I am starting to really like how this one is filling in. It's just out the front door, so makes me happy when I walk past it everyday:

Nice to see we have a fence!:

So, the right half of this really needs an overhaul now that the Rose has been cut back:

The bee made me happy on this Indigo Spires:

The Garlic Chives are about to bloom: