Sunday Fun

We had such a busy, but wonderful weekend. My son and his fiance' came up for a visit with our most adorable little grandson and we had a party for them. My sister is visiting from Sacramento with her son so it was so great they got to meet little William. We had all my family from Texas, minus one sister who had to Kim's folks were here too and it was so good to spend time with them. We also had several friends in attendance. Lots of good food - Java Dive did their amazing gluten free bite size cupcakes as well as hummus and pita bread, J bbq'd a brisket all night (oh my goodness was that so delicious!), my mom made the best chicken salad bite size sandwiches and potato salad, and we had several appetizers and bite size goodies like fresh strawberries and blueberries. J finished putting together the skate ramp too and broke it in in it's new place with all the cousins wanting a turn. My nephew is here permanently after having decided to live with his dad (my brother) and it's so great to have him. He's 15 and really excited about the ramp. I have a feeling we'll be seeing alot of him..hah!

William is just amazing. I can't get over the feelings I have for this little guy. He's so sweet and adorable right now - 4 months old today! I couldn't get enough of him...neither could anyone else. He was having so much fun hanging out with everyone. It is always great to see my son. He lives in Huntsville and for us it's a bit of a trek with the girls and our we just don't get to see him as much as we'd like. We are really hoping they will decide to move closer in the next year, but we'll see. Crossing my fingers and toes!

Lola is very excited about being a "kid auntie" as she calls herself, and just adores William. Xi loves him to death as well but insists she's too little to be an auntie so will be his friend until she's older..hah!

We did manage to get some gardening in before all the festivities and J got the studio cleaned out. We really want to finish that out and make it a guest space/office/crafting area. It's getting closer to that goal. I think the landscaping and beer garden will go in first however. We also spent Saturday afternoon at the Bee Cave Library where the girls got their prizes for reading in the summer reading program - Lola did 1130 minutes and Xi did 980 (she got to be read to rather than read herself as she's so young). They had a really fun entertainer there, Joe McDermott, who we all enjoyed alot. Lola couldn't stop dancing and even bought a cd afterwards. Xi wasn't feeling 100% however so sat quietly in J's lap and watched. She's better today and back to her old self.

I also received such a wonderful surprise in the mail from my darling friend Marina over at A Small Tribe. She wrote me the most beautiful handwritten letter (which yes, brought tears to my eyes) and sent loose tea and 2 packs of organic tomato seeds, which I will definitely be planting some for the Fall and seeing how they do. Thank you my you tons!

And, on Friday at the pizza place with our friends, Lola lost her other top tooth! So now she's missing her two front teeth and looks as cute as can be. We got lucky when we found the tooth on the floor of the restaraunt. She didn't even know it had fallen out!

So that is a quick synopsis of the was your's? Peace!

(There are pictures of me holding William floating around, but not from my camera which I was snapping away with...hence why I am not featured in this photo journal..hah!)

The toothless wonder!

Lola and William...she couldn't get enough of him:

Lola in the kiddie pool:

Xi in the kiddie pool:

William in the kiddie pool:

Aunties and nephew all in the kiddie pool:

Grandpa and William:

Lola at the library celebration:

My gift pack from Marina:

J putting the skate ramp to use: