The Summer Garden and a Day Out With the Girls

So I thought I'd share what the front garden is looking like right now. I've been keeping things watered, but was concerned about wasting so much water from run-off, even without sprinkler use. My father-in-law has been guiding me on drip irrigation and how to set it up, and yesterday brought me 3 big bags full of supplies. The only thing I need is the starter kit with the main 1/2" poly tubing and we'll be set. Yay! That will be a project for the weekend and I know the garden will love it. Until then, it's watering by hand but that's okay if it keeps looking alright. I've lost a couple plants in this heat, 2 lavenders which I am kind of bummed about actually. I have no idea why they up and died...too much water, too much sun, I don't know. But I'll try again. The white rocket isn't looking too happy either and I may be pulling that soon. The zinnia seeds are all sprouting away though and I think I'll end up with a decent zinnia bed finally. It's small, but I'll expand it after the tomatoes are for sure done and I can pull the one plant that is in the middle of all those zinnias. The shade garden is looking good too and I'm hoping will fill in nicely with the coleus, periwinkles and yarrow in there. And I saw my first Swallowtail in the yard yesterday! There are caterpillars on the proper host plants out there too, so hopefully we'll be seeing more.

Friday we took a day off and went into town. We decided to eat lunch at Uncle Billy's Brew & Que. So much fun! They have great food, great beer and super laid back atmosphere. The girls took their scooter and bike so were able to play on the patio until their food came. The trike that Xi is riding has a story behind it, which I'll share in a different post, however this was the first time it had been put to the test and we think it passed with flying colors.

After lunch we made a snap decision to go over to the Alamo Drafthouse and see Transformers 2. Yes, my girls love action flicks and the Transformers is one of their utmost favorites. And to get to see it at the Alamo with ice cream and treats, too much fun! The Alamo is such a cool theater, they have tables in front of the each row of seats and a full menu. You can literally have a gourmet meal, drinks and dessert all while watching the movie. It really is alot of fun!

After a long day of sun, fun and good food we headed home and milked Kubra for the first time. Much easier than June (our old goat), but I still need help so tonight I am going to get J to help me as her utters are full and I don't want the poor dear to dry up or feel bad. I am sure that once she gets used to it she'll be fine, I just need him to hold her steady and feed her flax seed chips while I milk. The excitement just continues around here.

Hope you all are fine, staying cool and not as bummed as I am about the storm completely missing us. Rain is much needed as we all know!


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