The Skate Ramp, or Back 40 Part II

Well, it's in place. Now all we have to do is screw in the middle section and it's ready to ride. J wants to put another layer of wood on the top and then we'll seal it all again for weather (kind of a joke at this point considering we have no rain). The girls are super excited, as is J of course!

I am going to finish the second raised bed on Friday and then we'll start the retaining walls for the new beds in the Back 40 sometime next week. Once those are in place we can start amending and landscaping in earnest back there...oh what fun I'm going to have! We'll get a drip system in place as well and probably extend the tall back fence all the way up to the studio. With our vision of things back there, we are hoping to make it more of an oasis with hidden gardens and hanging plants off that tall fence. B said he can make hanging hooks that come off the top for me, which will be great because then I can hang those really large baskets up there. I am still amazed that it is all starting back there finally, after all our talking about it and wondering just how we were going to afford to get it all done. Bartering is awesome and community is even better.

I also ripped out all the cucumbers yesterday. It has just been too hot for them to pollinate well and even taste good. The few we were getting were so bitter that they made better goat food than people food. So in their place I put in some more Habaneros that were starts from seed. I'm hoping the pumpkins will do well now that they have so much more room too. We'll plant fall cucumbers in the new raised beds with a trellis. I did manage to get 3 tomatoes finally though, and the two really good plants seem to be setting more fruit! My cherry upside/down plant in the front is getting loaded as well. It was a volunteer that I decided to keep. Glad I did! The rest are growing slowly and not doing much in the way of production but are healthy. So I may cut back the bigger ones and baby them until Fall. Once the pumpkins and peppers are done in the bed I've used for vegetables up to now, I will plant flower seeds and annuals in their place and use the raised beds and my new gardening area for vegetables and perennials. Lots to do back there, but feels so good to get started finally.


Skate ramp's old home up at B's place, which is now a construction zone as he's broken ground on his house:

Arriving in front of our place (B lives directly behind us, so it didn't have too long of a journey):

And just about settled into it's new home. We need to screw in the middle piece still:

No more cukes: