We did it. We got the drip irrigation completed today and I am so happy! We even put little misters to water the grass paths. We calculated that with everything we are using between 180 to 190 gallons of water per hour, much much less than even hand watering. And with everything going directly to the roots, we shouldn't have to water as often. This heat may prove me wrong, but I'm hoping not. We did all the hanging pots as well. I figure this is a good chunk of time I've been given back on days I usually water. Not to mention the conservation and savings we are hoping to see.

Really is satisfying getting such a huge project completed. I was so into working that I neglected to take pictures of the progress, so please forgive me. But I do have some of the after results, so enjoy!


Our Pride of Barbados is finally going to bloom!

Drip in one of the pots:

Micro sprinklers for the paths:

Drippers in the large pot and one of the micros in the background:

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