This And That

Xi and her new-to-her "princess" dress:

Farm Girl L looking much older than her mere 6 years:

The first upside/down tomato is growing fast:

Call me crazy, but I'm trying my luck with trashcan potatoes. I got organic seed potatoes and even though it's summer, I'm going to see what I can do with this method:

I have no idea what this sweet little flower is, but a few have popped up in my yard and I just love it:

Halloween pumpkins and radishes that will hopefully help ward off the borers:

Oh! The first cucumber of the season:

I never show pictures of the very back of the property because, well, there's not much to show right now! But here it is, new fence and all. We have big plans for back here with terraced gardens (very bad dirt back here now...all caliche that won't grow anything except weeds and sunflowers), maybe a lap pool someday, and a beer garden with our cobb oven. That is probably going to get started this summer if we are lucky. The rest will take time, lots and lots of time..and money..lots and lots of money...we have the time, not the money..haha! Someday! For now however the chickens and goats enjoy the massive amounts of sunflowers, weeds and dirt to forage, run in and just be in (and hopefully help amend some).

My first passion exciting!

And my pumpkin harvest! Before the borers completely anhiliated my volunteer pumpkins, I was able to get this modest harvest out of it. So exciting to me!

Our small succulent collection. My dear friend, Becky, has added much to this group and actually really got us started on a collection at all. We are now trying to figure out the perfect spot to put them into the ground. For now they look fun on the table out front though.

We got some rain earlier this week, so that saved on a big watering in the middle of the week. The plants sure do love the rain!! Everything is doing alright for now. We are putting up the extra shade cloth over the veggie bed tomorrow and I transplanted a few things from the front to back in that area. I also ordered some specialty pole beans for the structure and picked up a pack of regular pole beans as well. Those will go in the ground this afternoon if I get lucky.

So far we are staying pretty consistant in the low 90's, but I know the hotter weather is just around the corner. I seriously am not complaining though after last summer's death heat starting in May. And I'm learning alot more about watering efficiently and deeply. I can see the difference in my plants.

It's all a learning process, but what a fun ride! Hopefully, 10 years from now I'll start feeling less like a newbie gardener...hah! I'm loving the lessons though, and it's so fun to see everything change from day to day.

Hope you are having a wonderful June 5th! Peace!

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