A Quick Whine

I know Texas summers are brutal....I understand that completely, and am prepared for it. What I'm not prepared for is the record highs of 107, 104, 105. Yes folks, it's too hot to even breath outside. We hurry from the car to the house in order to avoid being in it for more than a couple moments at a time. I'm hosing down the animals pens a couple times a day just so they can be comfortable, or even close to it. Practically injecting the girls with constant water as well.

I've heard alot of comments from people who do not live here (not directed at me, just in general) about the Texas summers and we should all be used to it or not live here. The thing is, this heat isn't just normal Texas conditions. June is suppose to be one of the wettest months of the year, but the last rain we had that registered anything was 3/4" on June 3rd, and no real rain in sight in the near future. Average temps this time of year are suppose to be mid 90's. Even in the hottest months of July and August our averages are suppose to rarely be above 100. We are not Death Valley here, nor are we Western Texas. We are Hill Country with lakes and streams, green growth and rain in May and June. Not this year, nor was it last year. This year's temps are even higher than last year's and we thought it was hot then!

To top it all off, due to the lack of rain we are on mandatory watering schedules. Fortunately we can hand water any day of the week, but the real watering can only be 2 days a week...which is a big reason we are going to do drip irrigation. That's another post for another day though. Right now it's all about trying to keep the garden alive. My last plantings went into the ground this week - yes, I broke a couple rules and am hoping they make it in this heat - nothing else will be planted until fall except for maybe seeds. If I'm not out working in the garden by 7AM then I don't get much done because it's just way too hot after that.

Anyone know any good rain dances?

We'll survive, and this was just a quick whine from me. I feel better! Thanks for listening!

Hope your summertime is full of coolness and lots of refreshing, ice cold drinks - again, another post for another day!