One Down, Three To Go

We finished one of the boxes for the raised beds we are working on. It was so hot out, all we had energy for was one but we'll finish a second one later this week and then the other two in another couple weeks. I had been wanting raised beds for awhile, so this feels like a great start! You can see in the pictures how dry it is, and rocky. Nothing really grows in that area except maybe some persistant weeds, and even they have packed up and moved North. I will be able to put everything on drip irrigation in this area (front beds get it first though, thanks to my in-laws' help!). I've always wanted a bed that I could dedicate to just starts, so one of the four beds will be for that purpose. The other three will house vegetables mainly, I'm sure I'll tuck in a few flowers as well - for the pollinators of course.

We left some tall rebar to string for trellis'. We realized we should have left the corner rebar tall too in order to make a hoop house for the winter (I want to try to grow as year round as possible), so the other three boxes will have that feature. We used 8 foot long landscape timber and made the boxes 8' x 4'. Plenty big but still easy to work with. I'll lay the cardboard down early in the day and then we'll start our layers. We are planning on doing this in the lasagna tradition, but also will bring in top soil so we can get started with our seeds next month.

The girls watched the progress while sitting in the shade with ice cold bottles of water. They'd last about 15 minutes a stretch and then have to go back inside. J looked at the temperature gauge on the back porch and it was registering 112 in the sun! So it was hot and really zapped alot of our energy. Swinging a sledge hammer in the heat takes alot out of a person! But we feel good getting this started and feel like we have finally begun the transformation of our backyard. We have quite a bit of land to overhaul back there for a regular neighborhood lot. We have lots of good, healthy oaks and then some landscaping was done by the previous owners, but not alot. We have big dreams that will take us a long time to make reality, but the first step is taken in the form of a garden box.

Hope your weekend is cool and everything you could have wanted for you and your family. Peace!

And so it begins:

The finished for the dirt!

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